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Joshua L. Bell
Product Resource Representative
Tnemec Company, Inc.

April 8, 2019

Tnemec Company, Inc.

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Subject: Cleanwirx 207



The purpose of this testing is to update Tnemec’s literature as it pertains to the use of CleanWirx 207 and the effect it has on the removal of soluble salts and adhesion of Tnemec coating systems.


The procedure involved contaminating freshly blast-cleaned steel panels with known levels of chlorides. This was done by soaking the panels in a premixed water solution with 2.5% sodium chloride.

Immediately after the panels were removed from the solution, they were hung to ensure each panel
received the same distribution of contamination. The panels were allowed to dry thoroughly.

Since one purpose of the study was to investigate the effects which soluble salts have on blistering, a
series of control panels was also prepared without applying the chloride solution.

Soluble salt testing was performed using a PosiTector Soluble Salt Tester. Using the measured
conductivity and sample test volume, the PosiTector unit automatically calculates μg/cm2
(micrograms/centimeter squared) in accordance with ISO 8502-9.

All panels were then blasted in accordance to SSPC-SP 5/NACE 1 White Metal Blast Cleaning and power washed using a 100:1 solution of CleanWirx 207. Once the panels were power washed using the cleaning solution they were allowed to dry thoroughly.

Soluble salt testing was performed again to measure the amount of chlorides on the surface after the
cleaning solution was used.

Once the panels were dry, two coating systems were applied.

• Tnemec Series 94-H2O (zinc rich aromatic urethane) was applied as a prime coat and top-coated
with Tnemec Series 66HS (polyamide epoxy).
     • One contaminated panel was coated and measured an average total DFT of 8.6 mils.
     • One control panel was coated and measured an average total DFT of 8.3 mils.
• Tnemec Series 66HS was applied direct to metal.
     • Two contaminated panels were coated and measured an average total DFT of 3.8 mils.
     • Two control panels were coated and measured an average total DFT of 3.8 mils.


The coating systems were allowed to cure a minimum of 7 days under lab ambient conditions prior to
testing and evaluation.

Testing and evaluation of the coating systems included:

• Tensile adhesion per ASTM D4541 Standard Test Method for Pull-Off Strength of Coatings
Using Portable Adhesion Testers.

• Evaluation of blistering and rusting after immersion in 140°F deionized water for 2000 hours per
ASTM D714 Standard Test Method for Evaluating Degree of Blistering of Paints and ASTM D610
Standard Practice for Evaluating Rusting on Panted Steel Surfaces.


Based on the results obtained under the conditions tested, CleanWirx 207 is capable of reducing the
levels of chlorides on the surface of steel to below the accepted industry standard when used properly. Additionally, Tnemec coating systems tested maintained acceptable adhesion to the steel panels prepared with the CleanWirx 207 solution.

Tnemec’s literature will be updated to reflect these findings, and will be available for Tnemec sales
representatives to support the use of CleanWirx 207 in abrasive and wet-abrasive practices for the removal of soluble salts from blasted steel.

Kind Regards,

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May 2, 2019

Highland International, LLC | Engineered Paint Systems

Boone, NC & Niagara Falls, NY



RE: Highland Approval of Cleanwirx 207 for use with Highland Products



This letter is to confirm that Highland International has reviewed and tested the use of Cleanwirx 207 when used with vapor blasting to achieve a recommended surface preparation. We found that adhesion values may be improved when using this product as directed. We found no loss of adhesion when applying Highland 475R Series Dry-Fall Epoxy, Highland 827 Series Multipolymeric Matrix, or Highland Chem-Temp 74 Series (3 coatings specifically tested) compared to samples applied to dry abrasive blasted substrates to achieve the same surface preparation.

Our findings allow us to support the use of Cleanwirx 207 with vapor blasting to achieve the recommended surface preparation prior to application of any Highland Coating. Highland does recommend that all standard inspection practices be employed to ensure all surface preparation standards are met including standards for soluble salts where specified.


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Katie N. Duda

Highland International, LLC

NACE CIP Level 3 #43131

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May 9, 2019

Carboline | Coatings, Linings, Fireproofing

2150 Schuetz Road

St. Louis, MO 63146



RE: Cleanwirx 207




I wanted to inform you that Carboline has evaluated CLEANWIRX 207 for use with atmospheric coatings and find it completely acceptable. During our evaluation we found no detrimental effects to the performance of Carboline coatings in atmospheric service. We are also evaluating CLEANWIRX 207 for use in immersion service but that testing is on-going and we do not have final results at this time. Once that information becomes available, I will let you know. 


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Dwayne Meyer 

EVP Commercial & Technical Resources


June 14, 2019 ​

Ionyx Coatings

18281 FM 150 W

Driftwood, TX, 78619



IONYX Coatings has reviewed and tested the use of Cleanwirx 207 in conjunction with our coatings as well as adhesive fusion primer. Across all products, adhesion results were improved when surface preparation included Cleanwirx 207. According to independent third-party tests, adhesion results were improved by over 100% in some cases compared to the use of our products alone. 

IONYX Coatings recommends the use of Cleanwirx 207 in conjunction with standard surface preparation to achieve the best possible results for our coatings, and any coating used in conjunction with our coatings or primer. 



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Doug Foster 

VP Business Development 

IONYX Coatings