Surface Preparation for Ballast Tank Corrosion Control


Coating breakdown and corrosion starts on Day 1, as poor surface preparation and coating application are the prime causes of premature coating breakdown and corrosion. For shipbuilding or refurbishment, the correct surface preparation and coating of ballast tanks is critical. According to IACS rules, coating in the worst “area under consideration” must be “Good”, as a class notation for the affected area can impair a ship’s ability to trade properly. Tank coatings must remain “Good” for life if ship operations are to remain profitable.

Substantial improvements in surface preparation to properly addresses chlorides and iron sulfides can help reduce or eliminate premature coating failure and introduces advanced coating systems that can be applied to new or refurbished tanks. The suggested improvements offer solutions that lead to reduced maintenance, increased adhesion reliability and better resistance to cracking, thus increased longevity and performance. Implementing these measures eliminates the need for expensive additional inspections required by the Class Societies and Port State authorities due to poor coating conditions increase operating costs and reduce operating time and profitability.

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