Economic Impact of Corrosion and the Effect of Surface Decontamination on Coating and Asset Durabili


Costs associated with corrosion-induced maintenance and the replacement of public sector and industrial infrastructure has become a staggering problem in the US and globally. This situation is causing a heavy burden to the profitability of businesses, and the budgetary limitations of governments. Standard approaches to corrosion remediation have proven ineffective and new long-term solutions are required.

A key to effective corrosion prevention is molecular decontamination - the elemental cause in the process of corrosion and protective coatings deterioration. Corrosion Exchange has developed a patented technology and process that provides an effective solution to contaminant-driven corrosion. Read More >>>

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Corrosion Exchange, LLC, a Houston-based company, has introduced a patent-pending product to protect metal surfaces from corrosion when using wet and vapor abrasive blasting equipment. In part one of

Before applying protective coatings to steel tanks and other metallic surfaces, the surface must be properly prepared to remove corrosion and other contaminants. If a surface is not properly rid of co