Is CleanWirx 207 a rust remover or a surface preparation product?

CleanWirx 207 is in a category by itself. There is nothing like it. CleanWirx 207 is not a film-former, an inhibitor, or a cosmetic rust removal product. CleanWirx 207 is a surface preparation treatment that removes rust from metal and permanently eradicates (doesn't just delay or temporarily cover up) corrosion-causing elements inherently present in metal. Left untreated, these elements trigger corrosion eruptions on metal surfaces underneath protective paint and coatings. CleanWirx 207 also stabilizes metal surfaces to extend service life.

What are corrosion-causing elements in metal?

Interference materials, for example, Iron Sulfides exist in metal (exponentially more in recycled metals) and bond strongly with soluble salts (Chlorides). Acid washing, inhibitors, and metal blasting techniques clean metal visually but leave these impurities behind. Such microscopic contaminants attract atmospheric moisture and result in a series of microscopic corrosion reactions that feed each other down the line, under the surface, where paints and coatings cannot protect or prevent corrosion damage. Eventually, such reactions disbond, delaminate, or puncture paints and coatings, making them fail. CleanWirx 207 ensures coatings stay intact and bonded to surfaces by removing interference materials and potential reactions.

What do I do with any unused CleanWirx 207 product?

Unused CleanWirx 207 can be stored in a tightly sealed container for up to one year. 

Are there any safety precautions?

See detailed Instructions and Safety Data Sheets for recommended safety precautions.

Is CleanWirx 207 toxic?

No. CleanWirx 207 is safe to use in food preparation areas. Well below 0.1% VOC, it does not emit toxic fumes or have a strong chemical odor.

Does CleanWirx 207 work on any metal?

Yes. CleanWirx 207 may be applied to rusted metals including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, iron, and brass.

Will CleanWirx 207 remove any level of rust/corrosion?

Although CleanWirx 207 will remove most rust and corrosion, it cannot repair the integrity of severely corrosion-damaged metal.

How can I apply CleanWirx 207?

CleanWirx 207 can be applied with the following techniques:

  • Wet abrasive blasting 

  • Wet abrasive vapor blasting

  • High-pressure Wash

  • Ultra high-pressure Wash

Do I need to clean the surface before applying CleanWirx 207?

No. CleanWirx 207 is part of a wet abrasive blast cleaning process, so surfaces do not need to be pre-cleaned.

Can I paint or coat a surface after using CleanWirx 207?

Yes. CleanWirx 207 leaves surfaces free of film and residue. As soon as the surface is dry, your item is ready for painting or coating.



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