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CleanWirx 207

Patent Pending

CleanWirx 207 is a surface preparation product guaranteed to improve coating adhesion and mitigate under-film corrosion.

Achieve the ultimate visual and microscopically clean metal in minutes, stop flash rust and prevent corrosion under coatings well into the future. Apply CleanWirx 207 to metal assets or components to remove impurities in one step.


CleanWirx 207 will double the time between significant coating failure maintenance events and works with any coating system to create a uniform receptive surface for improved adhesion and consistent, optimized coating performance.

CleanWirx 207 removes even strongly bonded microscopic traces of:

  • Visible and nonvisible corrosion generators

  • Ionically-bonded iron chlorides, sulfates, and nitrates

  • Metabolic byproducts of sulfate-reducing bacteria that create Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (aka iron sulfide)

  • Chemical and biological contaminants

CleanWirx 207 Features:

  • The original 1-step application

  • Leaves pH neutral surface

  • Fast-drying




  • Biodegradable


CleanWirx 207 Recommended Uses:

  • Drinking water and sewer systems

  • Motor vehicles

  • Defense

  • Highway and railway bridges

  • Gas and liquid transmission pipelines

  • Waterways and ports

  • Hazardous materials storage and transport

  • Airports

  • Gas distribution

  • Electrical utilities

  • Telecommunication

  • Ships, aircraft, railroads

  • Oil and gas exploration and production 

  • Mining

  • Petroleum refining

  • Chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical 

  • Pulp and paper

  • Agricultural

  • Food processing

  • Manufacturing

  • Nuclear waste storage

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