Corrosion Exchange is dedicated to solving the problem of corrosion through research, product development, outreach, education, and professional services. 


Loren Hatle, Founder

Corrosion Exchange Founder, Loren L. Hatle, is one of NACE International's first Certified Coating Inspectors, #207, and since 1985 has studied coatings, application procedures, design, and corrosion management. In 1991 Mr. Hatle identified a previously overlooked and preeminent cause of corrosion and since then he has continued his investigation and made many revolutionary discoveries.

Motivated by his discovery, Mr. Hatle began research on an entirely new method of metal decontamination designed to address the chronic problem of premature coating failure. That research has resulted in the creation of a surprisingly simple and amazingly effective product. CleanWirx 207 revolutionizes metal surface preparation and protection processes,

with special benefits for industries where corrosion is extremely difficult to manage.


Corrosion Exchange is proud of its role: assisting organizations in streamlining processes and reducing operating and ownership costs by eliminating the most common cause of coating failure, while optimizing coating adhesion and reliability, and lowering required maintenance frequency and scope.


In addition to making patent-pending CleanWirx 207 available for distribution, Corrosion Exchange will continue research to identify contaminants and other interference impurities, develop environmentally safe, effective and economical solutions, and will assist leading organizations around the world in their pursuit of best practices to ensure the integrity and longevity of all metal surfaces.


CleanWirx 207 is brought to you by Founder, Loren Hatle, one of NACE International's first Certified Coating Inspectors (certificate #207). Mr. Hatle has been working with coatings, application procedures, design, management, and inspection since 1977.